Why Wear Compression Socks? Do They Really Work?

Are you a runner? Do you often suffer from muscle cramps, tightness, or pain in their lower legs because you’re always using your lower legs while running? I’m sure you try pretty much anything to relieve your discomfort. 

Wearing compression socks or tights while running is one of the most popular solutions of all time. But why wear compression socks? Do they really work?


Wearing compression socks can be a part of an injury recovery plan. It is beneficial for lower leg injuries like calf strains, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis. With the help of compression, increased blood flow to the lower legs improves muscle recovery and reduces the sensation of tired and achy legs.


Just remember that wearing compression socks should be part of an injury treatment that must include rest, elevation, ice as well as possible changes in lifestyle, training, and shoes.


Decreased Injury Risk

Many running injuries develop due to insufficient blood flow and circulation in the lower legs. Runners can reduce their risk of developing these injuries by wearing compression socks. It enhanced venous return reduces the amount of time that metabolic waste products and deoxygenated blood pool near these commonly used muscle groups.


On top of that, injury risk is reduced because enhanced circulation keeps swelling and edema from forming and improves recovery times after exercise.  

compression socks

Are Compressions Only for Runners?

Are runners the only athletes that can benefit from compression gears? The answer is no. All athletes who are on their feet during training or competitions can benefit from compression gears.


Basketball players and volleyball players often develop shin splints. Compression socks can prevent these pains from happening by providing support to your lower leg muscles and reducing the effect of continual impact. Badminton players, tennis players, football players (among others) can all benefit from wearing compression socks.



During pregnancy, women often experience swelling and edema of the lower legs. It’s no matter with their fitness levels prior to becoming pregnant. Swelling and edema are extremely uncomfortable, especially for pregnant women. It can lead to dangerous medical incidents like pulmonary embolism and blood clots.


By improving blood circulation and enhancing venous return, compression socks can be used to support pregnant women during both rest and activity time.


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