Shaves2U Trial Kit: A Cheaper Alternative?

When I was visiting some relatives in Singapore, I bumped into some Shaves2U sales people outside a train station. They were promoting their trial kit and shave plans, but I didn’t consider signing up for it because I thought it was for Singaporean citizens.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to find Shaves2U sales people again when I was back in Malaysia. I didn’t hesitate to subscribe to the shave plan the second time.

How does Shaves2U work, you ask?

Unlike other brands, Shaves2U sells the shaving essentials in a box. The trial kit has a shaver and shaving cream, while the Awesome Shave Kit has an additional after shave cream and extra razor cartridges.

I signed up for the Shaves2U trial kit because it’s only RM6.50 to start your subscription plan. If I really didn’t like it, I could cancel the plan before the next cycle. I could have it delivered to my doorstep, but I got it right away since I met the sales people.

shaves2u review

Does cheaper mean poorer quality?

I understand that most people may doubt Shaves2U because of their low price. They’re also not as well known as other rivals in the market. However, it’s also their low price that attracted me in the first place.

On Shaves2U’s website, it shows how much you can save if you switch to using Shaves2U.

If you’re not convinced by their low prices, perhaps its convenience may appeal to you. Shaves2U delivers all its products straight to your home so you don’t have to go shopping for razors ever again. If you need to cancel or change your subscription plan, all can be done on their website.

Is the Shaves2U trial kit worth it?

Now, the answer you are looking for: is the quality of the shave kit worth it?

Surprisingly, Shaves2U does the job well. I don’t find much difference between Shaves2U products and other brands I tried. It shaves well and their cream products are refreshing on my skin.

The next question is: will I continue my subscription with Shaves2U?

Yes, of course!


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