Setting Realistic Treatment Goals for Psoriasis

Is it Psoriasis?

Having a skin rash is a normal thing, especially living in a tropical country. Dryness might happen and so skin is getting irritated easily at times.

But at one point, there is a rash and lesion on your skin that is not going away but rather spread and getting worse also start to itch.

You start your research on the internet, googling your symptoms and Novartis’ website comes up regarding Psoriasis. You are still not sure though, so you decided to consult the doctor.

To no surprise, the doctor said you have Psoriasis. An autoimmune disease, although not dangerous nor contagious of course you still want to deal with the symptoms.

How do I deal with Psoriasis?

Skin lesion that is caused by Psoriasis cannot be pushed to cure as fast as you want as it is a slow process to cure. Forcing it to cure can cause skin damage or even irritate it more.

Therefore it is important to set a realistic goal to Cure Psoriasis.

Here is what you should remember when setting your goals:

  • Be sensible, you have to remember that the treatment might not cure all of your psoriasis lesion or might be slower than you thought it will be. Take it slow on yourself.
  • Treatment should be targeted to cut down psoriasis to 1% of body surface area or a size of the palm of your hand in three months.
  • Work closely with your dermatologist, change up things if there are no changes.

How do I know that I am getting better?

The most significant change is that your rash symptom will cut down to 1% of body surface. This means all the remedy work and you should continue working with this remedy and keep monitoring for changes.

If it does not cut to 1% after three months, it is possible for you to observe further for another three months if you have seen positive changes or skin is getting better by 75% from when you started despite not reaching the target.

If there are still no changes, consult back to your dermatologist and find another remedy that will work better for you.

Finally! A clear skin!

To get a clear skin is a long progress to take, but it is not impossible. As time goes by you can finally disguise it under your clothes and as it clears up more, you can finally focus on other things.
The hard work does pay off after all.

Keep working hard on getting better by consulting regularly with your dermatologist and doing your own research, visit to read more about treatment for your psoriasis.