Fun Activities To Do With Your Children

Nowadays, technology is a usual tool for parents to educate their children and a preferred entertainment for kids. It is not an unusual sight to see a toddler glued to the screen of their tablet or their parents’ phone screen nowadays.

But as the saying goes, “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” As parents, you know that too much screen time is not good for your children development. It is not only hard to control the things that your children consume through technology, it is also making them distance further from their parents as their focus is all on their tablet.

As parents, you can prevent these from happening by supervising and also doing activities with your children. There are so many fun activities to do with your children according to their age group, which are:

18-24 Months old

Playing with bubbles: As great physical activities for all ages, even parents sometimes enjoy it, we all still have an inner child in us right?

This activity can also branch out on making the bubbles formula with children, making it different colors, different smell, all around fun time!

Sing and dance to nursery rhymes: Sometimes, children spend their screen time watching nursery rhymes on their electronic devices. Instead of letting them just go on their own, interact with those nursery rhymes by singing with them and dance to it, not only fun, it is also educational and you can always supervise.

24-36 Months old

Visiting the zoo: As your child grows older, they started to recognize the animals in the zoo. Bring your child to the zoo to “meet” these animals, it will be an exciting family outing and a learning experience that your child won’t forget.

Toys cleaning: Modify you and your child water adventure at home while also fighting bacteria. Cleaning their toys with them will not only keep their toys clean but a fun activity to do together to teach about hygiene.

36 Months and older

Picnic: Picnic day is always a nice family day out. Pick a day, prepare some food, and enjoy a day outside in the sun. Summer is always about enjoying the time outside.

Cooking with your kids: Preparing food with your kids is always a fun time, not only they will be educated on how to prepare certain things, cooking with your kids will also make them wanted to taste the food that they are making. Prepare a nutritious food, cook, and enjoy it with your kids.

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Doing activities according to children’s age is important in order to fit into their development needs. In order to know more about activities and the importance of spending time with your children visit now.