4G vs. 5G: What’s the difference?

Ever since the invention of 3G, mobile connectivity has impacted our lives in significant ways.

Now, the idea of 5G is out and about to cater to the new generation of technology-savvy consumers. Digi is preparing for the arrival of the 5G network, which is a pretty huge deal.


There have been phases of technological advancement over the years. The introduction of 3G revolutionized our lives. In 2012, Britain launched its first 4G service and accelerated the mobile internet speed up to 500 times faster than the latter.

It blew everyone away.

Today, 4G is universally available to the general public. But now let’s bring our attention to its recent successor, the 5G network.

What’s new?

The 5G network is set to launch in the mid-2020s. However, the concept of 5G has not been finalized yet. We are expecting the 5G network to be swifter and more seamless for demanding consumers as the 4G raised the bar quite high.

There are speed problems when it comes to 4G services because of physical disruption such as infrastructure, microwaves, and other wi-fi signals. 5G however, is created to counter such problems with a new small cell technology that are planted in various devices, creating a physical infrastructure to counter the dreaded speed problem.

Other than that, 5G will also be as a software-based network. In hindsight, it will be easier to upgrade compared to hardware-based networks such as 4G.

5G is expected to sweep the market with its advanced technology by increasing mobility and connectivity between people in everyday life. In short, 5G will be connecting people with lifestyle items, such as smart home devices, more efficiently.

Demand for both networks

One of the critical distinguishers of both networks is internal speed. We will be able to download large files with lesser odds of crashing- as experienced with the 4G service.

For instance, even if you were to download a 4K video, you would be able to play it right away. The internal processing speed would be incredibly fast.


We are still 3-4 years away from the launch of the 5G network. It’s still relatively early to determine whether the network will surpass our expectations, but in the meantime, you can check out the best postpaid plans in the market by DIGI at https://new.digi.com.my/postpaid-plans.