2 Is Always Better Than 1: Dual Front Camera Phone

You heard it right folks! 2 is always better than 1, but not what you are thinking! I am talking about cameras, phone cameras to be exact.

Nowadays many phone cameras actually start competing with an actual camera, especially for selfies. How many people are taking selfies with their camera now?

Phones with a dual front camera are of course always preferred because of their ability to take extraordinary results. One of the best smartphones that have this feature is Vivo V5 plus.

So, why are dual front camera phone better anyway, let’s dig in

Clear selfies

It goes without saying that dual camera produces a clearer picture. The main lens produces pictures that are crystal-clear you can even see individual hair when you zoom it in. It will be the next level in the no filter game, enjoy natural and vivid colors in your selfies

Beauty of Bokeh

Bokeh is a photography effect that produces a soft blur of a background and usually is created with a camera that has the ability to create depth. Not a lot of cameras, especially front cameras are able to do so.

Cameras with a dual camera, on the other hand, are able to do that as dual cameras are able to create depth through an algorithm to generate an incredible effect.

Make your pictures brighter

With a dual front camera, clearer pictures shall be supported with the best lighting possible. Exclusively on Vivo phones, their dual front camera is complete with a selfie soft light that will create a studio like lighting and support your dual camera result even better.

Don’t be afraid of the dark!


Smartphones with dual front camera is not only great for you that loves to take selfie, but also for everyone that want maximum productivity or just all around amazing phones, with a powerful ram, and longer lasting battery to complete the camera Vivo V5 plus will definitely fulfill everything that you ever wanted and need in a smartphone. Visit http://www.vivo.com/my/products/v5plus to know more about this extraordinary phone.